Pre-sue reports

Where there are unpaid debts owed to you from an individual or a company, it is paramount that there is enough reliable infomation  about the debtor before an application can be made to the courts to sue. At Adams Investigations, we recognise the importance in thorough evidence and information gathering to save on valuable time and money pursuing ineffective action.

We can advise you which enforcement methods can be the most beneficial in resolving your problems by compiling a pre-sue report. Our reports will identify the subject’s personal details, their commercial or consumer financial staus  and lifestyle habits that may affect your claim for reimbursement.

Our reports can be tailored to the specific requests of each client, including discreet surveillance or covert intelligence gathering by checking employment status, full credit history, electoral roll data, Bankruptcy and insolvency searches, internet and network searches as well as a detailed description of current lifestyle.

All our work is handled with discretion and complies with all applicable legislation including the Data Protection Act.