ADAMS INVESTIGATIONS  are aware that the recovery of debt is a stressful and occasionally futile activity in cases where the debtors absond without settling their debt. As part of our private investigations services, we offer a reliable and professional debt collection service.

The involvement of a professional debt collection agent will guarantee that the collection of your debt is completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our objective will be to encourage your debtor to settle their debt and to highlight the consequence of non-payment in a professional manner .We can trace debtors and absconders with the use of our latest computerised systems and databases and combine these resources with professional know how and business-like persistence to ensure the collection of overdue accounts. Our debt collection service has an impressive success rate which is the envy of many in our profession.

Backround and CV verification

ADAMS INVESTIGATIONS provide a background checking service. As professional private investigators we have access to information and can provide you with accurate and detailed personal reports that can provide evidence of a person’s credentials, or highlight any inconsistencies with their past lives.

We offer a methodical and thorough investigation into employment applicant’s CV’s, checking past employment, credit checks, and insights into the applicants lifestyle.  For very senior posts an applicant’s past can usually be verified from birth to date.