Adams Investigations have extensive experience in the private investigation service and are experts in surveillance. Where there is the need to accurately determine the activiities of another person we offer bespoke surveillance services which would be conducted by highly skilled and throughly trained, experienced investigators.

Our discreet surveillance services can confirm a person’s meetings or social contact, locating where a person resides, identifying the subject’s habits and lifestyle to provide comprehensive reports and visual evidence within the confines of the law.

For evidence gathering purposes, Adams Investigators will use the the latest surveillance technology including hidden microphones and audio or video recording devices, vehicle tracking devices, telephone bugs and low visibility covert cameras to conduct their surveillance operations whether it is fixed or shadowing on foot or public transportation or by electronic tacking and be able to record their progress for validation purposes. Such surveillance operations are sensitive in nature and therefore our agents will ensure that their surveillance is not seen or suspected by the subject.

We encourage potential clients to discuss their needs upon enquiry so that we can offer advice on the best way to proceed in your unique circumstances.


If a client suspects they are the subject of observation, Adams Investigations can conduct bespoke counter-surveillance investigation to ensure their privacy is restored.

All surveillance and counter-surveillance is performed by hightly trained investigators who will be vigilant in their search for surveillance devices, tracking or recording equipment.